Permanent Cosmetics by Stacy - "A Natural Look That Lasts..."

Marcel Nagy and Stacy Gross Eldredge

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In January of 2015, I sold my successful Permanent Cosmetics business to the wonderful and talented Marcel Nagy. The transition was smooth and I am SO grateful that I chose Marcel to replace me... I am constantly getting messages and emails from past clients about how thrilled they are with Marcel's work.

Marcel has created an excellent reputation for herself in Southern California as a "gifted artist with an eye for precision" with a "knack for creating a natural look".  Marcel’s knowledge of color theory is exceptional and her method is flawless. You can view Marcel's Procedures, Pricing, Before and After Photo Gallery and Location on her website

To my past clients... thank you for your many years of business and allowing me to be a significant part of your life. I can rest knowing you are in good hands with Marcel. 

Consultations can be set up with Marcel at Revive Wellness Center at 310-375-7599 or you may call her directly at 310-756-4662.
With Gratitude,

Stacy Gross Eldredge